Alex Socha
Executive Chef

Tomidou is helmed by Chef Akira Horikawa, an esteemed Japanese Executive Chef with an extensive 29-year background in sushi. Notably, he spent 15 years honing his skills in the realm of authentic omakase cuisine during his tenure at Ginza Kyubey, a renowned global omakase restaurant brand. Ginza Kyubey has garnered acclaim as a top destination for sushi enthusiasts, earning mentions in guidebooks and extensive media coverage. The establishment's prestige is further underscored by the fact that it was visited by former US President Barack Obama and Japan's former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. With a rich history spanning almost 90 years, Ginza Kyubey stands as a beacon of excellence within the world of omakase dining.

Chef Akira holds a strong belief in ensuring the utmost happiness of every customer who indulges in his sushi creations. Rooted in Japanese culture, the concept of omotenashi embodies whole-hearted care for guests, emphasizing genuine hospitality rather than mere expectation. By embracing the spirit of omotenashi in his service, Chef Akira is confident that he can provide his guests with not only exceptional experiences but, more importantly, imbue them with happiness through his meticulously crafted omakase courses. His unwavering passion, sincerity, and expertise serve as the catalysts for delivering the finest culinary encounters to those he serves.
Sous Chef

Working alongside Chef Akira is Chef Kenjiro Koide, a highly experienced chef with a remarkable career spanning 28 years. He gained his expertise from renowned authentic Japanese restaurants, namely the legendary Kitcho and Nadaman, which boast a rich history of 193 years and 93 years, respectively.

Chef Kenjiro's passion for the culinary arts stems from his upbringing in a family deeply rooted in the food and beverage industry. His parents were skilled Japanese cuisine chefs who owned and managed their own restaurant in Gifu prefecture. From a young age, he assisted his parents in their business, learning valuable cooking techniques and discovering the joy that comes from delighting guests with his own creations.

His finesse in Kaiseki over the years has emboldened him to consistently produce specialty dishes that express the true seasonality of the ingredients. In fact, one of the dishes served will showcase the 53-year-old Unagi recipe from his own family, passed down over generations.
Alex Socha
Alex Socha
Assistant Sous Chef
Sudo Hidenori

With an impressive 26 years of Japanese culinary expertise under his belt, Chef Sudo Hidenori brings a wealth of experience to the table as well. He has also expanded his horizons by immersing himself in the art of French cooking, adding another dimension to his repertoire. The fusion of Japanese and French culinary traditions has become an area of particular focus and fascination for him.